Charlton Campgrounds (Youtube video)

Charlton Campgrounds and RV Parks

Charlton Campgrounds (Youtube video)  – I have noticed that there are many campgrounds and RV parks located in the small towns of Charlton, Berkshire in MA. I have been wondering who were they and what were they like. What I found was a very interesting fact. There are many re-creation of the times gone by. People actually live around many of these towns now called reservoirs. Most of these villages have a very old memory of times gone by. Lowell, Chau Harbor, Bath, Ludlow, Surround and others are a great place to visit.

During the war years these small towns became hotspots for travelers, arms during the revolution and for causes that are lost in the mists of time. Lowell was one of the important centers of population during the revolution and it seems that arms were just another part of life there. In fact, arms were probably carried through the towns to ready arms for the revolution.

Around 1860 an area was carved out of the woods and during the late 1800 a man made lake was formed and named Lowell Lake. Another lake was made in 1841 and it is called Sturbridge Lake. It is around this time that vacations and vacations became very popular. People could get away and relax in this remote place.

Charlton Campgrounds (Youtube video)

Around 1850 or so a man named Frank Power came to Sturbridge Village and he decided to build log cabins in the area. He came up with the plan of having the cabins on the top of a hill and the cabins would have fireplaces to warm the cabins. Power, himself, resided in a small log cabin. It is in this early building of Power’s that the myth about the sacrificial slaughter of bears came from. The bears of the area seemed to have a mild dislike towards humans, if Power were alive today he would most probably be rotting away in a maximum security prison. In the 19th century, there were more than 20 families living in the wilderness of Sturbridge Village and no human was to be seen in the streets of the village. youtube premium argentina

There once were many different routes that were popular and traverse point for merchants from the city of Boston to the bustling Province of Massachusetts. abundance of woolens, flaxes, and quilts were manufactured in this area due to the fact that the region of Sturbridge comprises the Allagash Wilderness. Fast forward to the 1920’s and Power’s grist mill still stood but was an abandoned mill. Meantime, the largest town in the region is Stoughton and along with a busy port and a post office it is one of the busiest towns in western Massachusetts.

Just down the road from Stoughton is the natural wonder called Rhode Island National Parks. Be sure to visit this wildlife rich region which is populated bymany species of animals and aligators. In fact, the area contains over 70 species of mammals and 82 species of reptiles. The trails through Rhode Island can be used to see some of these species in the wild. With over 60 miles of trails, theerry hillsand surrounding area can be traveled on foot.

Being from the cold north, indulging in some spring time activities always helps to fight the crowds. Another popular activity is to travel to see the Lions and Bears of nice. Again, the summer months will be your best bet to see both of them. Their Homecoming Tour is a must see experience for both devotees and those who simply enjoy the sights. Charlton Campgrounds (Youtube video)

By now you understand that camping is not only for nature lovers or adventurers but for the average family as well. Since camping grounds are usually less crowded in the summer months, you can have a more enjoyable time shopping and having family fun.

ccenced camping groundsare open during the months of May through October and are near some of the attractions of the state such as Narragansett Pier and Dukes Regatta. If you want to see traditional architecture of the city, visit the historic Newport Whittier and Newport Harbor. Dukes of tulip plants can be seen at the tulip festival held in the spring; it is considered the largest of its kind in the world.