How to Seduce Any Girl Within Seconds – Make Her Want You Like a Female Horse

Having the power to make a woman fall for you within seconds can sound too good to be true for most guys. Well, it is true — knowing how to flirt with women effectively can be a tricky process as well. So before you get all boastful and boastful about your weekend trips to five-star restaurants, don’t’ be too boastful. There are no secrets when it comes to flirting and seduction — women will see it through in just a few seconds. So don’t get all nervous and anxious, here are the five rules on how to seduce any girl — make her want you like a female horse.

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Engage her the whole night.Nothing beats being natural — interaction is a very important thing when it comes to flirting with a girl — the more, the merrier. Besides, it can be a very good way to make her get connected with you better. Don’t get too excited on her attraction though. Just take it easy. She might slip your tongue.

Ask her teasingly.So you liked her earlier and now you’re curiosity is now getting the better of you. No need to sweat it out. Let her do the first move — ask her teasingly. Nothing will shock or turn her on more. Keep it light, SWEET and SPICIOUS.

Stroke her hair.That’s right. No need to pop a vein just lift your finger and make her follow you. Sometimes, all it takes to get a woman’s curious is to stroke her hair. It gets a woman totally curios and intrigued by you. Make sure to use the cotton candy tone — talk a little softer. It will start to get naughty from there.

Maintain eye contact.Maintaining eye contact is one of the very basic thing you must do well in order to flirt with a girl. Of course, there are a few techniques you can try now. Don’t just stare at her chest the whole night. It will mildlty creepy. Instead, keep alternating your gaze to her eyes and her mouth. It will absolute maze her brain to think about kissing you at the end of the night. So it’s exciting, sensual and sexy — and of course, extremely effective!

Don’t forget to touch.Maintaining physical contact is very important if you want to learn how to flirt with a girl. I’m not talking about much touching like you would with a friend. I’m talking about light, specky, light touches that makes her realize that you totally want her and are into her in that way. Whatever you do, don’t try to grope her. Come on. Be a little normal. Hit her shoulder, lightly touch her hand, run your fingertips lightly through her hair — these are all flirting signals that will easily make her attracted to you.